Filet at Food Genius Academy for Design Week 2016

“The hands embroider on the network and the drawing make it precious. Memories that evoke feelings, making them eternal. What is alive in them becomes tradition.”

“Radici” reach into the past and rediscover customs and traditions, with a modern perspective. Design frees the past which resides in all of us: rituals present in our memory, traditions which are in our blood, roots that keep us tied to our land of origin. “Radici” is a collection of objects, materials and forms produced by young designers. It tells the history of our culture and origins. It is a journey into the culinary traditions of our country- an invitation to rediscover the food memories during the tasting of dishes prepared by the staff of Al Cortile, the restaurant of Food Genius Academy. Smells, tastes and memories … Sunday family lunch, snacks brought to school, Grandma’s recipes : comfort food “Italian style”.

Radici on facebook

Thursday 14 April
Free Entry at 18:00
“RADICI – food memories”
at Food Genius Academy
avenue col di Lana 8 – 20136 Milano
Info: +39 0289093079 –



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